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View and experience this beautiful province.
Hike or bike over the most beautiful routes and let yourself be surprised by the local culture and nature.

Bicycle Tours

  • Our region is in the midst of nature, dunes and beaches. No wonder there are so many beautiful cycling routes. The routes lead you along the many cycling nodes in this area. From a short cycle trip to the sea to a bike ride through the beautiful green Land of Leeghwater. Set out on your own or get information from VVV Alkmaar


  • Visit Alkmaar for the first time and you will never forget her again. Because you will return to this magnificent city. Strolling past the monuments, canals, shops, museums and terraces you will be amazed at the beauty of the old town. The Alkmaar Tourist Office website provides a complete overview of all activities and attractions.
  • Alkmaar is, of course, known as cheese city: for centuries, the world-famous cheese market is held from April to September on Friday mornings. It’s a true North Holland tradition that brings a lot of reassurance and conviviality. From 10 to 12.30 the cheese carriers will start at the Waagplein. Visitors from all over the world come along to watch the spectacle. The colorful hats of the cheese carriers, the handshake of the traders and the lively market make a visit to the Alkmaar cheese market a perfect day out.

Hiking guide

  • Nature or in the city of Alkmaar? Walk through the green Eilandspolder or the villages of De Rijp and Grootschermer, for example. Or walk the other side of Alkmaar, towards the coast.

You can find walking routes in the region and city of Alkmaar on the VVV Alkmaar website.

Cable water ski run

  • SKEEF is located in Luna Park, where you can learn the first principles of water skiing within half an hour. Why not give it a try?
  • Park van Luna is a recreation area of 170 hectares with forest, hiking and cycling paths. Lake Luna has a leisure area and sandy beach.

De Noordzeestranden van Noord Holland.

The atmospheric seaside resorts in the Netherlands are annually visited by many people. And not just in the summer; all year round you can enjoy the beaches of North Holland. Catch some fresh air, take a well-deserved drink in a beach bar or go hiking in the wonderful dunes. The distinctive resorts Egmond aan Zee and Bergen aan Zee are just a 30 minute drive from the Babylon Hotel Heerhugowaard-Alkmaar.

Egmond aan Zee

This classic seaside resort is the most popular place for families. In the village you’ll find many cosy restaurants, terraces, and amusing shops selling clothing, accessories and nicknacks. And on long summer Wednesday evenings market stalls can be found throughout the town centre.

You can enjoy lunch at one of the many beach pavilions which overlook the North Sea. And just a short distance away, on beautiful winter days, you can take an endless stroll along the beach. Walk in the brisk wind and reward yourself afterwards with a hot chocolate in the engaging beachside village.

Bergen aan Zee

Chic and luxurious are the best descriptions of Bergen aan Zee; a seaside town with allure. Relax with champagne on a lounge sofa or dream in a hammock at a beach club. The Bergen aan Zee pavilions are stylishly decorated; it’s a place where you immediately feel at home.


The recreational area Geestmerambacht consists of a pond surrounded by a landscaped park with trees, lawn, reeds and orchid meadows.

Observe the grazing Scottish highlanders and maybe you’ll spot some noteworthy birds such as the common buzzard, spotted woodpecker and sparrowhawk.

The area is ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging, picnicking and mountain biking. Click here for an overview of possible activities.

Historic towns and villages on the Markermeer.


Enkhuizen has a rich history. Within the old city walls are many national monuments and each has a unique and compelling story. Visit this fascinating old harbour and experience on every street corner the impressive relics of a typical VOC settlement. Click here for an overview of all activities.


While walking in Hoorn try to imagine yourself in the old merchant city. You can almost smell the nutmeg from the golden age, or hear the ships preparing to embark, sails being hoisted and the deck mopped. Click here for an overview of all activities.


Volendam, best known from “de Dijk” with its many shops, restaurants and terraces, where visitors can enjoy the authentic atmosphere and view of the harbour. Maybe get photographed in traditional Volendam clothing. The city is a maze of streets and features boats that sail to the remote Marken which is also well worth a visit.

VVV Heerhugowaard

The VVV Heerhugowaard website provides an up-to-date overview of all regional events.